Technology training and assessment.

Technology Training

Cloud. Mobile. Web-based APIs. The pace of technological change is continuing to increase. For that reason, technology training is as critical as ever as even the most enthusiastic engineers struggle to keep up with the latest advances.

Technology training and assessment (as pertains to ExamBuilder) covers multiple areas, some of which are discussed on this site: certificationsales and product training and channel partner training. To gain the respect of technology employees, you have to use the latest technology. And that is where ExamBuilder has a strong competitive advantage.

ExamBuilder is a cloud-based service with a modern interface that runs on all platforms and mobile devices. IT professionals will be able to:

  • Create Gap Analysis reports so he/she can self-direct to learning activities if the result an assessment showed competency gaps
  • View a post-exam review to quickly see questions missed
  • Download certificates of completion
  • Take exams from a smart phone or tablet
  • Be signed-up for automated retakes if necessary

ExamBuilder can help you run a hugely successful program for technology training.

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