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From our direct experience, the number of certification exams administered has increased significantly over the last 3 years. There are several reasons driving this:

  • Employers want to limit risk on new hires and are demanding certifications as part of their initial screening
  • For employees in a tight job market, a certification can often mean the difference between a job and unemployment
  • Companies have trimmed internal sales staff and are leaning more on channel partners. Measuring channel partner product knowledge is directly correlated to ROI

What organizations of all sizes are finding is that launching and maintaining a successful certification program has many challenges. A few of the obvious ones are:

  • Individuals who need to be certified are working remotely and globally
  • Budgets have been cut, leaving fewer internal employees to check certification status and mail certificates
  • Online testing has helped, but fallen short of completely automating the process of product certification

ExamBuilder is a cloud-based platform that specializes in administering certification exams. We solve the aforementioned challenges by:

  • Providing easy to use web-based forms to create exams
  • Allowing certificates to be uploaded as a PDF and then mapped to one or multiple exams
  • Automating the process of taking a certification exam via self-registration and auto-scheduling
  • Dynamically generating the PDF certificate in real-time so the applicant can download it upon completion, automating the process without consuming any resources by the host company
  • Allowing the training department to run real-time reports for updated status on successful certifications

ExamBuilder brings 10 years of experience to online testing and certification. We can ensure that your certification program is successful.

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