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New Hire Training

New hire training is one of the most important areas of your training program. New employees cannot contribute to the business until they are proficient at their job function. And the longer it takes to train new hires, the more money it costs the company.

Regardless of the media used in the initial orientation, a post training assessment is essential. The goal of this assessment should not only be to prove general competency; it should look for competencies that were not mastered during the initial training and facilitate any necessary retraining.

Companies of all sizes use ExamBuilder for new hire training. Our online testing engine in the cloud lets you:

  • Run Question Pool reports to highlight topics within an exam that the new hire showed weakness in
  • Create Gap Analysis reports for the new hire so he/she can self-direct to learning activities if the result of their assessment showed competency gaps
  • Provide the learner with a post-exam review to quickly see questions missed
  • Rank new hires by performance
  • Measure the effectiveness of new hire retraining

ExamBuilder can help you achieve your goal of bringing new hires up to speed.

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