Upload videos and PDFs for training & questions.

Training Library

Did you ever wish all your training videos and PDFs would just go somewhere so you team can easily access them? Problem solved. Upload them to the ExamBuilder Training Library.


  • Upload training content directly into ExamBuilder’s Training Library;
  • Training can be accessed at any time – as part of an exam, or independently;
  • Content can be organized by student grouping (departments, regions, languages) so students get the training that applies to them.

ExamBuilder allows you to store a full library of training content for your users. Training files are uploaded directly into ExamBuilder’s cloud and are optimized for connection speed, mobile devices, and location anywhere on the planet. We support the following media types:

  • Images
  • PDFs
  • Video
  • Audio files

Training content can be targeted to specific demographic groups such as region, language, or job function. If you take advantage of this feature, users will only see content that is relevant to them. This perfectly complements the online testing functionality.

The combination of our training library and exam software may allow you to finally get rid of that bloated, expensive LMS.

ExamBuilder combines the simplest, most intuitive online testing tool with the most powerful reporting engine allowing you to scale testing and prove results like never before.

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