Award Custom Certificates of Completion.


ExamBuilder completely automates the process of creating and awarding certificates to your students after completing their e-learning activities.

Many organizations are tasked with issuing certificates of completion to candidates who successfully meet a set of requirements. ExamBuilder has integrated the process of creating and awarding certificates into our core online testing product, making certificate delivery fast, easy and cost effective. Certificate summary:

  • Certificates can be awarded for the successful completion of one exam or multiple exams;
  • The awarded certificate dynamically enters the student’s name, certificate title (award name) and date;
  • Certificates can be previewed before they become active.

There is a Certificates section in the student portal where students can download their certificates at any time.

Custom certificates are supported! Send us a PDF of your certificate and we will format it into a reusable template. There is a one-time $350 charge per certificate for formatting.

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