Full API for Automation.

API Access

ExamBuilder features a well documented API as well as webhook subscriptions for organizations that want to integrate with other applications.

Some of the most widely used API functions include:

  • Adding students;
  • Grouping students;
  • Scheduling exams;
  • Generating SSO links;
  • Running reports.

You can use webhook subscriptions to receive notifications about particular events that are triggered as your students use ExamBuilder. This saves you the trouble of having to make API calls periodically to check the status of results.

For example, you can rely on webhooks to trigger an action in your app when a student passes an exam, or completes a training module. By using webhooks subscriptions you can make fewer API calls overall, which makes sure that your apps are more efficient and update quickly.

Webhooks can be configured to automatically notify your app when:

  • A student passes an exam;
  • A student fails an exam;
  • A student completes a training module.

For more information on our API you can view the documentation, or for webhook subscriptions please contact us.

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