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Intelligence to Business Leaders

  • Compare results of sales regions across topics and questions
  • Study item analysis to find knowledge gaps
  • Map knowledge to performance

Training programs transfer knowledge to employees. But online testing programs should transfer intelligence back to business leaders and provide answers and data that management can act upon to improve performance. It is also critical for online testing programs to provide insight into why some departments outperform others and how to mimic their success elsewhere. This feedback loop of training-to-testing-to-intelligence is the key to unlocking training ROI.

To achieve this feedback loop however, testing applications need to be easy to use, deliver real-time results, and generate meaningful reports that measure – not only training effectiveness – but also bottom line business impact across the entire organization.

Unfortunately, most testing programs fall short of this ideal, measuring only knowledge transfer and delivering little actionable intelligence outside of the training department. As a result, enterprises fail to complete this feedback loop and an opportunity is lost to make orders of magnitude improvement in business performance.ExamBuilder Enterprise Edition provides business intelligence to organizations via its Stats Package — a suite of analytical reports that highlights areas of weakness across the enterprise. The correlation of sales data with product knowledge is the key metric to improving ROI. ExamBuilder can help you map sales force performance to ROI.

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