Optimized and reliable testing interface.

Taking Exams

ExamBuilder has an optimized and reliable testing interface that allows students to take exams from any internet connection — whether on site or on-the-go with any of these mobile devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Tablet

We encourage test-takers to upload a photo to their student profile to help create a testing center look and feel. The result is a friendly testing environment for the students that will eventually allow your company’s training department to put a face to your statistics.

ExamBuilder also offers complimentary logo branding for the exams you create! Your students will see your company logo on each exam, making ExamBuilder an extension of your organization.

After submitting an exam for a grade, your students will have instant access to some useful post-exam tools including:

  • Instructor-written feedback customized for passing or failing scores
  • Gap analysis reports to indicate areas of weakness
  • Exam review tailored to your specifications
  • Certificate that can be downloaded instantly

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