Easily create and administer exams.

At a Glance

Key product strengths:

  • Excellent reporting and analytics
  • Role-based access control for instructor accounts
  • Real-time delivery of certificates
  • Easy to use
  • LMS integration

ExamBuilder combines the most intuitive test authoring and delivery tool with the most powerful analytics engine in one simple interface. With ExamBuilder, you can do more than just create and deliver tests in minutes — you can generate real-time scoring results & certifications, instantly identify training gaps, improve course material, drive long-term behavioral change and prove ROI.

ExamBuilder delivers value at every level of your organization:

  • Business Leaders. “We Deliver Intelligence to Business Leaders.” ExamBuilder’s powerful reporting and analytics identify areas of strength and weakness across the organization to give executives visibility into what improves performance and actionable intelligence they can put to use.
  • Trainers. “We Prove the Value and Scale the Effectiveness of Training. “ExamBuilder’s cloud-based platform allows training departments to deliver more testing more quickly, prove the viability of training, save time and reduce costs
  • Employees. “We Satisfy Employees.” We provide employees with real-time testing feedback and better training results, instant certification documentation and higher satisfaction in training programs

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